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Feel confident about welcoming your employees back in the office with rapid COVID-19 testing by House MD.

Covid 19 Testing Solutions

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    The House MD COVID-19 testing program is overseen by Dr. Sharma, who is a board certified emergency medicine doctor. Our testing modalities are diligently researched by he and his team.

    House MD remains vigilant, we understand the rapid changes in testing as evidence presents multiple differing and sometimes confusing testing opinions. Our Doctors are here to guide you.

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    We deliver healthcare to your door step. Keep your family and friends safe and with peace of mind as we all try to navigate these troubled waters. TEST before you mingle: Make that small event with high risk family or friends safe with House MD's in-home RAPID testing services.

    Travel testing, symptoms verification or any other reason you think you might need a COVID test- give us a call- our medical team would be glad to discuss options and what makes the most sense for you.

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    If you do not want us to come to you, no worries, you can come to us! DON'T WAIT FOR HOURS IN THE COLD FOR YOUR COVID TESTS. We offer Drive thru RAPID ANTIGEN (results in 10 minutes), RAPID ANTIBODY (results in 15 minutes) or FULL PCR (Results in 24-48 hours).

    House MD has no wait times. Stay in your car. Stay warm. Stay away from potentially infected individuals.

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