Occupational Health Services

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Occupational Health Services

House MD healthcare clinics for your employees and contractors.

More companies are taking control over the delivery of healthcare at their worksite.

Healthcare costs have reached record levels, while some data indicates worsening outcomes. Employers are growing tired of a broken, expensive healthcare system that does not meet the needs of employees.

Our mission here at House MD, is to enhance access to high-quality healthcare while decreasing cost. In a recent study of 85,000 lives, large employers saved 29% on healthcare costs for their employees that are attributed to wellness centers as compared to those attributed to community providers.

Healthcare delivered to you.

House MD will bring care to your employees. We can:

Address the rising costs of healthcare for your organization

Assist employees to make healthier choices

Increase employee satisfaction and retention

Improve access to quality care

Decrease sick time

Increase productivity

Keep your workforce at peak performance.

Even the best-run companies have accidents that occur.

Our House MD occupational clinics will help create a culture of safety and wellness that prevent injuries when possible and respond expeditiously when needed.

Our occupational health capabilities comply with OSHA standards, help enhance safety, promote productivity, and prevent workplace injury and illness.

We offer certification, training, and ongoing support; our occupational health team can deliver a program that is tailored to your needs.

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