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Feel confident about welcoming your employees back in the office with rapid COVID-19 testing by House MD.

Corporate Health Risk Management

House MD understands the many challenges and opportunities in today’s healthcare crisis and economy.

We work with your organization diligently to bring them innovative solutions to their healthcare model needs now, as well as offering tools and solutions in preparation for the coming months as our economy shifts to a “new normal”.

Our Strategic advantage:

Claims audit and payment integrity-dentification of claim errors, credits with renegotiation.

Cost management services.

Reference based pricing assistance.

House MD mobile pop-up or permanent clinics.

Shared care initiatives with partner physician groups and hospital systems.

Telemedicine services - improving employee care, reduce ER and urgent care visits, decrease absenteeism.

Employee Wellness Programs.

Data analytics and innovative “health-tech”: bridging the divide between patient communication and physician effectiveness.

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Our mission is simple:

We deliver innovative and efficient medical solutions continuing our position on the frontline while paving a path that leads to improved health to those we serve.

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