Landlord Amenities

Attract tenants with UltraConenient Care from House MD. Answer the demands of the new normal with UltraConvenient Care clinics in your buildings.

Tenants Want Personalized, Convenient Access to Medical Facilities

Commercial tenants seek office environments that are healthy and safe for their employees. Our UltraConvenient Care delivery model allows tenants the opportunity to utilize our suite of flexible healthcare services, tailored to each individual companies needs.

The World Has Changed.

The time is NOW to define the new normal with UltraConvenient Care Clinics in your buildings.


Large employers that currently have or are building a medical office onsite or near-site to one of their major locations.


Additional large employers are considering adding some form of medical services at their locations.

Transform Unused Spaces into High Value Tenant Amenities

UltraConvenient Care clinics take up little space. We build to suit the needs of your tenants and your organization's business model.

Using as little as 200 square feet, House MD's UltraConvenient Care clinics provide urgent and primary healthcare services. Our clinics are staffed with Registered Nurses — on premise to provide initial assessment for any medical complaints, conditions, or concerns. Through innovative enhanced telehealth technology, your tenants benefit from experienced, board-certified physicians for clinical assessments and treatment. We offer full-service lab testing, mental healthcare, and wellness programs to your entire building population.

Identify Space

We work with your team to identify vacant, hard-to-lease spaces; positioning you as differentiated to leasing brokers who show your property to tenants.

Coordinate Resources

We coordinate staff, technology, operations, and health expertise at minimal time and cost to you.

Deliver Healthcare

Your tenants receive UltraConvenient healthcare amenities that they value. Your tenants want to stay, and you're more attractive to new tenants.

UltraConvenience for Class A Landlords

Tenants value amenities. Differentiate you properties. Attract more tenants, and earn more revenue.

House MD Delivers

  • Virtual and in-person evaluation of physical and mental symptoms
  • Concierge care coordination to in-network providers allowing for continuity of care and access to specialists
  • Healthcare mitigation and guidance and support for asset owners; proactive tenant and member education

You Receive

  • Health programs that are customized to the needs of your building
  • Support to drive tenant and employee engagement
  • Medical staff operations and patient services
  • Administration of all licenses, and privacy (ex. HIPAA)
  • Innovative health technology deployment and maintenance
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