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  • House MD Solutions for Everyone

    A primary and urgent care provider that comes directly to your home or office.

    "Moving Empathic Care Forward"

  • House MD Solutions for Everyone

    A primary and urgent care provider that comes directly to your home or office.

    "Moving Empathic Care Forward"

We're Changing the Nature of Healthcare

House MD is not your typical healthcare organization.  We remove the barrier to access by bringing healthcare to everyone and make it more cost effective in the process. 

Switch the paradigm.
Patients should no longer need to go to healthcare.  Make healthcare come to them.

Why Choose House MD

  • Corporate

    Business Needs

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    Wellness Programs

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    Lower Healthcare Costs

    Stacks Image 3406

    Reduced Absenteeism

    Stacks Image 3408

    Fewer Workers' Compensation Claims

    Employee Needs

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    Convenient, Compassionate Healthcare

    Stacks Image 3389

    Workplace Safety

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    A Reason to Return to the Office

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    Empathy if Injured

    Shared Benefits

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    Reduced Cost of Healthcare

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    Faster Return-to-Work Times

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    Healthier Workforce

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    Improved Attendance

  • Personal

    Patient Needs

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    Quick and convenient access to care

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    Coordination and integration of your personal care needs

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    Physical and emotional support

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    Respect for your personal healthcare needs with the privacy and comfort of your own home

    Caregiver Needs

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    True transitional care for when a loved one returns home from the hospital or rehabilitation facility

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    Care coordination and education

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    Convenient, compassionate health services delivered to your loved ones doorstep.

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    Continuity of care

    Shared Care Initiatives

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    We work with your physicians and hospital organizations to extend services

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    Collaboration and coordination of care with your specialists

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    Strategically partnered with major health service organizations for a more streamlined and efficient way to get patients services they need, on their time, at their location.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • "The concierge service is what draws me to House MD. The ease of setting up appointments and the competitive costs are fantastic!"
    Ira B. Flaunt It Films

  • "House MD provides more affordable solution that is still catered to your time constraints and makes testing more attainable for the team with no wait times and fast turnaround."
    Megan M. Plastic Trees Pictures

  • "No other medical company works as quickly as House MD does."
    Robert M. Pacer Films Inc.

  • "Customer service is the best. Emails and calls answered within minutes. No need to wait when I have questions."
    Ira B. Flaunt It Films

  • House MD reliability is unmatched by any other medical provider I have worked with. House MD is the only company I prefer to work with."
    Robert M. Pacer Films Inc.

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We're on a Mission

Our Vision: 

We believe that healthcare should be delivered with empathy and easy access. It should provide continuity of care, with the best interests of the patient being the focal point. 

Our Mission: 

We were founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: To deliver urgent and preventative medical services to the businesses and communities we serve, with high quality and convenience, while leading the way in solving the healthcare crisis in this country.

Bridging Technology And Humanity To A Better Patient Experience

Through our Health Tech Associate program and deployment of these innovations, HOUSE MD extends our clinicians ability to detect and prevent disease with greater confidence for timely intervention and exceptional patient care.

HMD Health Tech Associates (HTA's) and our DIGI-Care Deployment Vehicles

With our highly trained health technology associates, we are able to mobilize services that extend your healthcare services and our team's ability to be there when you need it most.

Smart technology, better patient outcomes: Using this examination data, our physician and NP staff provide patients with a diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescription if needed.

This convenient and efficient process leads to better patient care.

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